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Ateliersi is a collective of artistic production that operates in the field of performing arts and theater.
It produces art and creates a cultural program of the Atelier Sì. Ateliersi are Fiorenza Menni, Andrea Mochi Sismondi, Tihana Maravic, Elisa Marchese, Giovanni Brunetto and Diego Segatto.

Atelier Sì – situated in the center of Bologna - is the group's headquarters, a workshop for experimentation and production, a public space that hosts artists and features works.

The artistic work of Ateliersi consists in theatrical works and artistic interventions in which the performative gesture enters into organic dialogue with anthropology, literature, music and visual arts to foster communication of thought capable of intercepting concerns and perspectives that coagulate sense around the upheavals occurring in the world.

Ateliersi’s theatre is characterized by a strong performativity, a multidisciplinary and innovative approach, and it’s focused on original writings, a dramaturgy which becomes a meta-discipline which supports and promotes internal dialogue with the humanities and the music, for which the collective collaborates with external artists and experts.

Via San Vitale 69
Bologna (BO)
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