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Not only a club, but a polyfunctional space for “location”, Fashion shows and theme parties in a post-industrial area in between the centre and the Milan airport Linate. Everything has been harmonized with a great taste of minimal with an Hi-Tech structure designed and furnished to follows the regnant fashion system, simple but at the same time original.

The colors are the ones of Steel, anthracite and black, which underlines details most widely studied and empowered by special lighting, on purpose designed for Amnesia by Light Designer after participating in a competition promoted during the show Furniture of April 2005!

The vaulted ceiling is a huge container of technology , with neon tubes, canals system, and audio and video (to have an impact acoustic such as Amnesia Milano you only have to fly across the ocean!). A substantial part is occupied by two large back-lit bars with waterfalls that goes down on large windows, behind them there’s resin sculptures with waves and glitter.