Joint ISDSP-EGOI Congress: X SIFIOG National Congress

Joint ISDSP-EGOI Congress: X SIFIOG National Congress

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SIFIOG has reached its 10th appointment and, thanks to the great success it had in previous years, continues to tenaciously pursue its goal of increasing knowledge on clinical information, guidelines and research protocols in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics. , with an eye to excellence.

The active participation of medical professionals and the flawless organization of the event let us perceive the passion and enthusiasm in this strictly medical event, which presents itself again as an opportunity to bring together a group of doctors, in order to make the clinical activities.

Furthermore, the success of these years has led to the birth of a new international association, the International Society of Dietary Supplements and Phytotherapy (ISDSP). The ISDSP brings together specialists at an international level with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary collaborations and proposing guidelines on the correct use of supplements and phytotherapics in the daily diet and in clinical practice.

During the X SIFIOG the attention will be focused on the multidisciplinary approach in the evaluation and management of women's health. The intervention of several specialists will make it possible to address various aspects and problems relating to the female universe. This need arises from the fact that many purely obstetric-gynecological pathologies now require an integrated approach of knowledge in order to have better therapeutic solutions.

Patients with polycystic ovary (PCOS), for example, need a wide-ranging consultation given the presence of disorders related to metabolism (eg risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity), endocrinological disorders and dermatological diseases.

Since this is a syndrome with multiple manifestations and causes, the intervention of multidisciplinary medical teams has proved effective in treating the signs and symptoms of this condition, reducing the chances of misdiagnosis. "Symptoms are best treated if patient care is entrusted to a variety of specialists working together," reports a recent review titled "The current description and future need for multidisciplinary PCOS clinics".

As regards uterine fibroid, it is necessary to know the various problems it can cause: infertility problems, urinary dysfunctions, the presence of pain, thrombophlebitis risk, etc .; therefore a multidisciplinary approach is very useful in patient management.

Today the same menopausal woman is looking for new solutions also from an aesthetic point of view, therefore the figure of the doctor becomes more and more an important point of reference, who cannot be limited only and exclusively to a purely gynecological consultation.

Further insights and points of view are therefore necessary; for these reasons, the involvement of various specialist figures will make it possible to provide adequate tools and knowledge to improve patient management and quality of life.

Doctor + VAT EUR 300.00
Midwife / or + VAT EUR 100.00
Trainee + VAT EUR 50.00
Students in medicine and surgery + VAT EUR 50.00

Speakers: J. Waller, MV Locci, G. Rizzo, I. Cetin, AS Laganà, L. Rota, F. Facchinetti, B. Villani, C. Aragona, C. Battaglia, A. Wdowiak, C. Foresta, F. Facchinetti, V. Unfer, ZA Kamenov, A. Bevilacqua, S. Dinicola, D. Barbaro, ML Appetecchia, E. Piccione, A. Chiefari, M. Nordio, E. Lepore, C. di Lorenzo, P. Vallarino, G. Giorgia , G. Grandi, A. Tinelli, A. Ciavattini, S. Uccella, R. Di Iorio, F. De Seta, D. Menichini, I. Neri, A. Frega, M. Bizzarri, A. Graziottin, F. Delle Fratte, S. Piloni, VM Prestia, M. Gambacciani

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