High Reeper & Crypt Trip • 11/10 • Scumm

High Reeper & Crypt Trip • 11/10 • Scumm

venerdì 11 ottobre
Pescara (PE)
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HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS / Skeptic Events / Mutiny!

HIGH REEPER (Stoner Doom - Philadelphia • USA)
Crypt Trip (70s Hard Rock - Texas • USA)

Tornano due tra le migliori rock band della scorsa stagione dello Scumm, ma questa volta insieme. Per tutti gli amanti di Black Sabbath e derivati, questa serata è già un Cult.

Scumm - Via delle Caserme, 38 - Pescara

h 22:30

Contributo per il live: 5 €

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HIGH REEPER ▶ Formed in 2016, High Reeper is made up of Zach Thomas, Justin Di Pinto, Andrew Price, Pat Daly and Shane Trimble. Originally started as just a studio band, it rapidly became apparent that these songs were meant to be heard live and loud. The band made their debut in the Philly/DE stoner rock scene in early 2017 with success which was followed up by the recording of their self-titled debut in May. With a sound deeply rooted in modern stoner rock while still giving a nod to the earliest Sabbath records, High Reeper's self titled debut is driven by pounding rhythms, thick guitars and soaring, screeching vocals. For their second record, the addition of Di Pinto on drums helped focus their sound in an even more powerful direction. The result is a new record with riffs that are even heavier than before that explore new directions, including the ballad “Apocalypse Hymn”. After a successful 2018 European tour that included Desertfest Berlin and Tube Cult Fest, High Reeper have toured Europe again in 2019 visiting ten countries as well as an appearance at Desertfest London and Tube Cult Fest's Warm Up Party, presenting their new record "Higher Reeper". High Reeper in unstoppable.

CRYPT TRIP ▶ Crypt Trip is a group from Texas that plays hard rock music. Originally formed in Dallas in 2013, the first incarnation of the band had a heavy psychedelic sound that was reminiscent of a dark nineteen seventies underground.

It wasn’t long before guitarist/singer Ryan Lee and bassist Sam Bryant relocated to Central Texas where they met drummer Cameron Martin and began to solidify their sound. Taking influence from aged rock records, jazz methodology, and their cultural roots in the cosmic American South, their music presents you with a genuinely personal experience.

Following their last album “Rootstock” the Texas rockers are delivering more Cosmic American sounds straight to your ears, mind, and soul. Their new album, “Haze County”, sonically and lyrically explores the complexities of space and time and then brings you back down to the very Earth you’re made of.

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