DJ Papa DEZ /// Funky Ass Banging Breaks!

DJ Papa DEZ /// Funky Ass Banging Breaks!

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/////Funky Ass Banging Breaks!//////

DJ PAPA DEZ --- from London UK
((Funky Tech Break))
Dj Tip Toe
Dj Old Fader

Papa Dez AKA Makesome Breaksome AKA PunkA Fro

I have been Djing & producing for over 20 years. With my love of Drum & Bass and most of my friends loving House, I had to change something so I could party with my mates. Hence the birth of Break Beat! I calmed down to house speed with the same attitude of D & B mixed with Funk. I personally was into the Jazzy Funk style of D&B so I brought this to my good friend Matthew B (Bushwacka). He is one the 3 who made the End Club in London, the legendary amazing club it became with Mr C and Layo.
We produced tracks and turned the house crowd from the norm 4/4 to adding breaks into the equation.
I became half of Makesome Breaksome along side Bushwacka churning out tracks like “Pig Chase”, “Nightshit”, “Lets Dance”, “The Vision” & many more on the Plank record label. I’ve put out other stuff on Charlie Checkpoint “Goblin” and on Euka Tech Breaks label under the name NED “Nothing To Do”.
I have now been working with Paddy McCool and together we are PunkA Fro. I will forward our unreleased tracks as they stand if requested… In fact, the first track on the mix I’m sending is Bad Moods, one of ours. We did a remix on Robert Miles’s Label (god bless him) called “Connections” as well.

I stopped playing at clubs after The End closed and ventured around Europe at Dangerous Drums, World Music Carnival, warehouse parties in Berlin, Mokka in Switzerland, Iceland, BFM in New Zealand, Space, Manumission Hotel, The Underground, Pikes Hotel and many beach parties in Ibiza.

I’ve been a resident at The Bimble Inn, which has taken me to Glastonbury, Summer Sunrise, Bestival, Beautiful Days, Lattitude and I’ve played Secret garden party. This is when I discovered my love for playing at festivals rather than clubs.

I’m not a super star DJ per say but I love what I do, make people dance and keep away from the commercial bullocks….. almost!

Big Love

Papa Dez

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