Betweeneast Andrapture – Nyah Bear / Yoshii Swxdn / Fabio Tallo

Betweeneast Andrapture – Nyah Bear / Yoshii Swxdn / Fabio Tallo

giovedì 20 febbraio
Milano (MI)
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Nyah Bear is a Milan based artist / producer who explores themes of minimalism, organic based repetitions through rhythm. His alloyed background in Kampala and Berlin evokes a turbulent sensibility to fast paced yet calm sessions weaving together bass, traditional music, noise detonations and dubs. On the 20th of February he self-releases his debut LP “thebatterykeepsdying / the return”.


Yoshii Swxdn is a multi-genre producer and composer based in Iceland. Some of his rarely publicly available work can be found in the catalogue of UKnowMe Records & Father and Son Records and Tapes. Influenced by Polish Radio Experimental Studio, he is currently applying his frivolous approach to production by exploring weird textures and self-opposing aesthetics. In 2019 he released debut EP called ‘Patience’ establishing his statement about experimentation, juxtaposition and ambiguity. Presently working with Ugandan rapper Mwami. Yoshii Swxdn’ new 160 bpm material will be shortly released by Polish Juke. Off kilter avant guarde.


Fabio Tallo is a Sardinian native musician, sound designer and Dj.
Hard to define close to genres or subcultures of the Electronic Music, everytime into a non-stop research through the world of sound synthesis; his polyhedry results by trying to achieve a broad view on the descent of emotions by the E.M. , a global view obtained with the sum of the different perspectives that are his own different projects and aliases, as the most notorious inFX (pure analogic) and Alogon_ (narrative explorer), and collaborates with different Italian Event Organizations, in facts is usual to find him into very different sound sets on different stages.

Start: h. 21:00
Viale Molise 68, Milano
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